3 Reasons To Get Custom Gear With Jitsy Club

3 Reasons To Get Custom Gear With Jitsy Club

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I think a lot of people see custom gear for their gym as a “nice to have” or an afterthought. This is a completely reasonable thing to think. You’re a gym owner, you want to train people, not start a retail business. 

However, having your own line of gear is good for your gym for a few reasons.

Firstly, it strengthens your community. Your gym is an extension of your values and your values are what shape the community. Your members are proud to be there and want to represent you when they’re training, on social media or out and about. Having a nice brand and professionally designed set of gear is like a uniform. They’re wearing your values.

Secondly, it makes your gym look awesome. In 2022 brand and visual is what drives first impressions of an academy. Social media is everywhere. I know that people hate to admit it, but the truth is that people judge your space and your gym on how it looks. Viral marketing and user generated content are the growth engines of modern business. Having a great set of training gear is your secret weapon to having a great brand with no effort. Every custom branded rash guard your members wear is a walking billboard for your academy. Every time a member or a visitor shares a picture in your gear, that’s another piece of content working for you.

Finally, it can be a supplementary income earner for the gym. Your members need gear to train in. They want to support you. They can either pay for an overpriced, average quality rash guard or they can buy your gear and support you. While I certainly don’t advocate mandating a uniform, I think having the option there is a great way to have another income stream for your business. 

If you’re curious about this custom gear, I’m always happy to chat. Everyone at Jitsy is extremely passionate about both BJJ and making gear that looks so cool people forget that we have no natural athleticism.